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Classmates, friends, and supporters – we proudly present:

The Bad Seeds Return – Album

© Earthuse Records

118-B South Main Street McGregor, TX  76657

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You can download a single song for $.99 or the entire Return Album for $9.49.   [Clips are available – below – to help your choices].

“Test drive” some of The Bad Seeds original music.  Choose from any of the 16 Tracks.  Recommended Tracks – indicated in red.

Track 1 — [1:13 clip] — “It’s not the 60’s no more” No kidding. In fact, it is anything but the time we grew up in.

Track 2 — [0:59 clip] — TV2 is about the powerful images we see on television – are we seeing the route to “freedom” or the road to hell.

Track 3 — [0:34 clip] — There are times when you meet someone and they motivate you to do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

Track 4 — [0:58 clip] — This one is about the all-important love song.  Remember when the band played the “slow” ones?

Track 5 — [1:13 clip] — Remember those places you could go when we were too young.

Track 6 — [1:10 clip] — Remember January 31, 1968? It was the Tet offensive, and the single most defining moment for
the Bad Seeds Band.

Track 7 — [0:51 clip] — This is one of those songs that plays on the double meaning. You either get it or you don’t.

Track 8 — [0:58 clip] — One of those “he said…, she said” songs that discuss the necessity of going to one of the Bad Seeds socials.

Track 9 — [0:58 clip] — Trying to decide if you wanted to continue “going with” someone was a matter of staying in the vehicle or leaving.

Track 10 — [1:16 clip] — This track is best labeled the Bad Seeds “pro-war / protest song.”

Track 11 — [0:58 clip] — This song may be a BadSeeds anthem. Well, this music tries to address how we have all felt at one time or another.

Track 12 — [0:49 clip] — This is the “other” slow song, dedicated to those of you that are “in love.”

Track 13 — [0:56 clip] — The lyrics reflect an internal, emotional compromise, more or less.

Track 14 — [0:48 clip] — Only in your dreams would this be true.

Track 15 — [0:56 clip] — Usually it the unanswered question. Why do I bother?

Track 16 — [0:57 clip] – In every town, there is an “after hours” place that people go.


Dennis Fehler – Keyboard  |  David Toms – Drums  |  Skip Spoonts – Guitar  |  Mike Rushing – Bass  |  Ronnie Mahan – Vocals  |  Allan Jansen – Guitar